Terms of Use

Terms of use

APNI MLS expects our users and operators to fully comply with our terms of use and privacy policy. APNIMLS.COM contains links to other websites, which may or may not have privacy policy and or terms of use in coordination to APNI MLS. We encourage you to carefully review the other websites, before you give your personal information to them. APNI MLS is only responsible in compliance to our terms of use and privacy policy.

Custodian of Personal Information:

APNI MLS remains in compliance with the jurisdiction laws of Pakistan and remains as the sole custodian of all the personal information of all the users and operators.

Responding Messages & IP Addresses:

The messages that APNI MLS receives through our website contact are responded accordingly and are stored for any future reference. Like other websites, when you visit APNI MLS.COM, our web server collects the user’s IP address and domain name, however APNI MLS cannot identify the user’s identity from an IP Address. The regular users/operators may have to provide their Personal Inform to support services in the event of technical and or official assistance, which will be kept private and confidential.

Standard Technology:

Cookies is a standard technology used to maintain an improved user experience by keeping the settings temporarily, saving favorite websites and searches. These cookies may be deleted after exiting the website.

Using Google:

APNI MLS.COM uses Google for multiple purposes, such as links to other websites, tools to achieve desired information, sales, marketing, demographic and statistical analytics.  

Review & Amendments:

APNI MLS is committed for an ongoing review of its privacy policy and will make amendments as needed for further improvements. We recommend that you review our privacy policy for the changes made by APNI MLS.

Send your suggestions & questions to:info@apnimls.com