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What is the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate broker?

Most states require real estate sales professionals to be licensed by the state, so that they can control education and experience requirements and have a central authority to resolve consumer problems.

The terminology used to identify real estate professionals varies a little from state to state. Brokers are generally required to have more education and experience than real estate salespersons or agents.

The person you normally deal with is a real estate agent or salesperson. The salesperson is licensed by the state, but must work for a broker. All listings are placed in the broker’s name, not the salesperson’s.

A broker can deal directly with home buyers and sellers, or can have a staff of salespersons or agents working for him or her.

What Does MLS Stand for in Real Estate?

Whether you're looking to sell or buy a home, you will no doubt encounter the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS. This is, in many ways, the very lifeblood of the real estate business. But just what is the MLS? Sure, it's a huge database of home listings, but there's a lot more to it than just that. Let's jump in!

History of the MLS

Yes, the MLS seems like an invention of the modern age. But, in fact, the term “multiple listing”—and the overarching concept behind it—was first coined in 1907. Back then it described the old-timey practice in which real estate agents would gather regularly at offices or conferences to trade info about homes they were trying to sell, hoping this network could help connect them with buyers. In 1908, the National Association of Real Estate Exchanges (the organization that later became the National Association of Realtors®) endorsed the use of this system by all agents. It quickly caught on from there, evolving, stage by stage, into the modern system in use today—online and fully searchable by price, neighborhood, and home features.

While the MLS may look like one large national database, it's actually a suite of approximately 700 regional databases. And they're quite territorial: Each regional MLS has its own listings, and agents pay dues to access and post homes on each one. This is why agents who want a broader reach for their clients may become a member of more than one MLS.

What is Apni MLS ?

MLS is the Concept which adopted from North America from APNI MLS. APNI MLS Brings the opportunity for the People of Pakistan to become their own Bosses. Basically it is an Agent Network to share their Properties so other Agent can help to sell their Properties. APNI MLS Model is so simple anyone who has minimum education of Intermediate can be an agent of APNI MLS, by becoming an agent; the agent gets the full training from the professionals from Canada as a Real Estate Professional. APNI MLS have a very Excellent Commission Structure so Agent can get the Maximum of their efforts.

By Becoming an Agent of APNI MLS agent works from their Area or work from Home when ever agent needs the office he can come to the office and use all the facilities of the office.  

So Don’t Even Think and be a part of APNI MLS and Become your Own Boss!

What is Realtor?

A REALTOR can be a real estate agent, a broker-associate, a managing broker, an exclusive buyer's agent, among a variety of other common terms.

While there is no evidence nor guarantee that all REALTORS are morally or ethically better than unaffiliated real estate agents, it is an attempt by the APNI MLS to regulate and, as such, deserves recognition.

REALTOR must subscribe to the APNI MLS Code of Ethics.

Can you please Explain the Promises of the Realtor to there Costumers?

REALTOR promises to do

#1) Pledge to put the interests of buyers and sellers ahead of their own and to treat all parties honestly.

#2) Shall refrain from exaggerating, misrepresenting, or concealing material facts; and is obligated to investigate and disclose when situations reasonably warrant.

#3) Shall cooperate with other brokers / agents when it is in the best interests of the client to do so.

#4) Have a duty to disclose if they represent family members who own or are about to buy real estate, or if they themselves are a principal in a real estate transaction, that they are licensed to sell real estate.

#5) Shall not provide professional services in a transaction where the agent has a present or contemplated interest without disclosing that interest.

#6) Shall not collect any commissions without the seller's knowledge nor accept fees from a third-party without the seller's express consent.

#7) Shall refuse fees from more than one party without all parties' informed consent.

#8) Shall not co-mingle client funds with the agent's own.

#9) Shall attempt to ensure that all written documents are easy to understand and will give everybody a copy of what they sign.

#10) Shall not discriminate in any fashion for any reason on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.

#11) Expects agents to be competent, to conform to standards of practice and to refuse to provide services for which they are unqualified.

#12) Must engage in truth in advertising.

#13) Shall not practice law unless the agent is a lawyer.

#14) Shall cooperate if charges are brought against them and present all evidence requested.

#15) Agree to not bad mouth competition and agree not to file unfounded ethics complaints.

#16) Shall not solicit another REALTOR'S client nor interfere in a contractual relationship.

What are the Service for sellers?

Apni Multiple listing services are one of the more effective tools real estate Agnet can use on behalf of their sellers. Listing your home through APNI MLS makes it available to every member of the APNI MLS, plus their buyers. Your home's MLS listing will contain photos, a selling price, characteristics of your home, its address and any noteworthy items. Other MLS members can see your home in the system and bring their buyers, thereby increasing your chances of selling.

What are the services to Buyers?

Multiple listing services make it easy for homebuyers to locate homes they'd like to see. Using a APNI MLS, a homebuyer's agent can pull up all the homes that are for sale in a given neighborhood and then schedule viewings. Because MLS listings of homes carry prices, buyers can determine quickly if the home they're interested in is within their means. Lastly, there's no charge to view Apni MLS listings, making house hunting extremely inexpensive for homebuyers and agents.

What is the procedure to be an Agent of APNI MLS?

Nothing Hard!

If you have Minimum Education of Intermediate you can apply to be a part of APNI MLS.

No Experience Need 

Professional Realtor from Canada will give you a Free Training 

What is the Difference between the APNI MLS and a Normal Real Estate Agency?

First of all A Normal Real Estate Agency only has expertise in their Area and their work area is the only place where they can help you. But APNI MLS Have their Agents on your Door Steps Regardless where you live and also Real Estate Sales Representatives of APNI MLS have the Access to all the listings of APNI MLS Data Base so they can provide the Best service to the costumers according to their needs.

Secondly A normal Real Estate Agents don’t have any education about the real Estate but APNI MLS Agents are educated and fully trained by the professionals of Canada


The Main Deference is APNI MLS sales Representatives are just Call Away! You don’t need to go anywhere to list your property or to buy property for you APNI MLS sales Representatives will come to your Door Steps to serve you.

Are APNI MLS also serving Estate Agencies or just have this service for their Agents only?

Yes APNI MLS Services are also availble to the Estate agencies if someone have their own Estate agency and want to have the APNI MLS Services they are more than Welcome to Join APNI MLS as the Registered Brokerage of APNI MLS. 

By Becoming a Registered Brokerage Agencies Will Get all these service from APNI MLS.

  • List your listings with the help of the professionals and trained Staff.
  • Setup of Brokerage Profile 
  • Admin Panel for the Brokerage
  • Allow Brokerage Admin to ad and remove their agents
  • Full documents support will be provided
  • Agents Profiles
  • Brokerage Admin & Agents  Free Training As a Real Estate Professional
  • Basic Web Site Designed by the Professionals
  • Separate sections for Residential, Commercial, Plots and New Projects
  • Display complete property features along with Brokerage and Agent contact details
  • Get instant leads from interested buyers & Agent of APNI MLS, Call Will Be Operated by the Professional Staffs and Pass it to you Directly
  • We cover all locations in Pakistan
  • Brokerage Logo,  Agent Picture and contact details shown with property listings
  • Brokerage Details in Brokerages Section as Authorized Brokerage
  • Excess to the Sold Property Data base to get the Actual Market Value for the Listing Property
  • Send New Property Listings notification to all the registered Agents, Brokerages and Subscribers by e-mails.
  • 400% extra traffic and exposure as compared to any Real Estate Website
  • Promote your company, products and services in our monthly newsletter
  • Instantly reach targeted members looking actively for properties and related investment advice in Pakistan
  • Send dedicated e-mails to all registered ApniMLS.com members
  • Logo links to the agency Website.
  • Newsletter are received by over 80% of ApniMLS.com registered members.