About us

Canada is globally known as a developed nation, a leader in the state of the art technology and economic growth, intelligently designed, systemized and implemented by world class professionals. With such a massive support and Canadian experience we have no doubts that APNI MLS is an integral part in the economic growth of Pakistan by creating career opportunities in Real Estate, transforming the industry into world class standards to bring investors from worldwide.

APNI MLS Pakistan a subsidiary of APNI MLS Canada Inc. APNI MLS is unique real estate business model specially designed & built to provide global excess to the real estate buyers and sellers. APNI MLS also offers an exciting independent & rewarding platform to real estate brokerages & agents looking for a bright career. Our agents and brokers have the privilege to attend the seminars and trainings by the real estate professionals from overseas.

APNI MLS head office is located in Karachi and will be opening its branches in all major cities to serve our clients across Pakistan. We offer the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of global marketing and reliable services backed by professionals. Our team of well trained staff has awareness of current market trend and is keen to help you find the best deals.

Credibility, reputation and exceptional customer service excel at APNI MLS and with our real estate organizational training and programs, our agents have enjoyed the organizational tools and guidance offered by the APNI MLS Mentors.